About Crown Care Ltd

Crown Care Services provides a range of services including office and residential cleaning, housekeeping & guest house management, post-construction cleaning, floor maintenance, and restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, after party cleaning services, fumigation & pest control, recruitment, training & consultancy.

We are Nigeria’s foremost privately-owned cleaning company with over 10 years of experience in the Corporate/Industrial cleaning industry, Post construction cleaning, House cleaning, office cleaning, general cleaning, and fumigation

What We Do

Top Few Reasons to Give us,( Crown Care) a Try

We add value to our customers’ lives by making their office and home environment sparkling clean and conducive as possible.We employ modern methods, using proven equipment and materials together with well-trained trusted and a God-fearing personnel to deliver the utmost in cleaning services

Residential Cleaning

Rug cleaning

Fumigation & Pest Control

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Housekeeping & Guest House

Floor Maintenance & Restoration

Recruitment, Training & Consultancy

Well Trained Cleaners

Crown Care staff are highly trained professionals, well versed in identifying every component of a building, what to use, and what to avoid, since all cleaning requirements is not the same we have strong work ethic, that makes us pay attention to details

Fast & Effective Service

We employ modern technologies in carrying out our cleaning services and large numbers of skilled cleaners

Quality Control

we only use materials that met NIS standard

100% Quality Guaranteed

Aside from being outstanding, we use certified and qualified personnel in carrying out our services.

Standard Cleaning Tools

we employed the latest and standard technology in carrying out our services that make our services faster and neater

Daily Tasks List

Our daily task is to figure out how to give you more for less